Dragon Fund Campaign

Welcome to another great year at the School at St George Place!

The PTO is a group of parents, teachers and staff from our school. We work together to support our school by providing financial and volunteer support. Our fundraising efforts are vitally important in the current climate of district budget cuts.

In effort to curb some of the smaller frequent fundraisers we are starting an annual Dragons Fund campaign. Funds raised in this campaign will help us get the year started.

These donations help support the school through:

-Field Trips for every grade level

-Classroom supplies

-IB training for staff


-Field day fun

-Teacher appreciation


The PTO is a non profit 501c3 organization. Donations are tax deductible. You may be able to increase your donation if your place of work participates in a “Corporate Matching” program. Consider contacting you HR department to see if this is available.

Thank you for your support!


Donate to the Dragon Fund

Donate to our annual Dragon Fund! This campaign helps us start the school year off right.