Volunteers in Public Schools at HISD (VIPS)

All volunteers must register online the first time and pass a criminal history background check before they can participate as a volunteer.

Once you have registered online you do not need to register online again.

But you do have to fill out the volunteer registration form for verification of your clearance every year. Please check with the front office clerk, in the main office, to see if you are already registered online. If you filled out the background check form in previous years she already registered you online. The front office can provide you with your user ID and password just in case you need to update your registration. Even if you are already registered online, please fill out the information below and submit it to her, along with a copy of your ID, so that she can verify that you are still cleared to volunteer. Previously registered volunteers are rechecked by HISD during the summer.

Please follow the steps below to become registered online:

Step 1: Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on VIPS Login.

Step 2: Follow the online instructions for registration. Once you have registered online,  please go to the main office and submit your identification to the desk.

Step 3: The criminal history background check can take 2-3 weeks to complete.

Step 4: Once you are cleared to volunteer, you are eligible to volunteer throughout HISD.

What types of identification are accepted?

Texas Driver’s License
Texas Identification Card
Driver’s License issued by another state in the US
Identification Card issued by any other state in the US
Official Passport
Official US Military ID
Matricula Consular
Resident Alien Card

Your contribution is an investment in your child’s education.  Please consider volunteering.